3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

Commercials I Hate

As you all know, I watch entirely too much TV and am therefore exposed to stupid stupid stupid commercials when I am not watching something that I’ve recorded on DVR. Without further ado, my most hated at the moment…

KFC Guys


I hate you, KFC. You make the worst commercials…they rank up there with the stench of Taco Bell’s marketing skillz. Yeah, we get it – you love your $5 Fill-Up Box which I’m sure has a small piece of dry chicken in there along with mashed potatoes and biscuits that have been sitting out for hours. And then you have the balls to make fun of Subway?

“What’d you get?

A long sandwich.

Aw, that sucks, man. Did you get chips and a drink?

No; that would have been extra.”

‘K, first of all, if I was starving and I had the choice, I would choose Subway over KFC any day of the week. The sandwich that they’re portraying in that commercial looks pathetic. Everyone knows that when you walk into a Subway, it smells like Heaven in there, and the sandwiches that I have made are so big that the Sandwich Artists (i.e. teens that could give two shits about working there) have a diffcult time closing them. Amd you know what? My “long sandwich” fills my ass up. I have a strong feeling that KFC’s $5 Big Box would not. Making fun of Subway – I hope Subway stops making their stupid commercials long enough to throw a punch back at them. And either way, eating out is expensive as hell.

Ok, on to my second most hated. This guy.


The eBay “For the Win” guy. I straight up want to punch my screen every time this commercial comes on. “Take it away, mother!” Bitch, move out of your mother’s house. That’s why you are able to sell the many phones that you receive on eBay because Mommy buys them all for you. “I would never sell my phone for anything less than what it’s worth.” Duh. Thank you, Captain Obvious. And he says “For the win” WAY too many times. Get a girlfriend that isn’t Siri and move on with your adult life – now that is for the win, you derpy motherlover.

Here is yet another:

maxresdefault ns_hashtag_x_banner_blue_jpg_thumb_432_946

Demi, no one is going to catch on to your lame “#x” before they text and drive. People are still going to text and drive, unfortunately. You are not that big of a celebrity that we are all willing to use your shorthand and make it a viral trend. Get over yourself.

Ok, rant’s over…for now..muah ha ha…



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3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

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