3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

I’ve Started Cooking…Watch Out

So I’ve decided to try my hand at cooking for my family again. I haven’t done it since B was a toddler and K and I lived in an apartment. I remember wanting to be the perfect wife and mom, so I would try to cook like my mom (@velda), whom, despite working a full-time job, still cooked us a home-cooked meal each night. And it was good, too. I’m talking a main course with sides. She was raised in Cullman, AL and her mama as well as the rest of her family knew how to cook Southern-style. She’d make these golden brownies that still make my mouth water just thinking about them…mmmm…okay, I’m getting off subject.
So I have basically been a short-order cook for my kids their entire lives, making two things at a time a lot of times. We never have a specific dinner time. We don’t eat together as a family. My boys are growing, and they need good food…real protein and veggies. Oops, I forgot. That’s right. Brennan is like, the pickiest person on earth. Caden isn’t really that picky, but just likes what he likes and that’s it. K is a meat-and-potatoes guy, and isn’t big on a lot of frill – he also doesn’t like veggies. Darn it all to heck, I was gonna try it anyway. I got some recipes from my bud @nancy, and when I went grocery shopping, I called her a million times to ensure that I was getting everything I needed. The first night, I made this:

Look good, right? (It wasn’t yet cooked, by the way. No, I didn’t serve my family Salmonella.) All it is is frozen chicken breast, green beans, and cut golden potatoes. Put Italian dry seasoning on the chicken, cover it all in Italian dressing, and toss it in the oven at 325 for 35 mins. Caden came downstairs at one point and exclaimed, “It smelled like puke upstairs, but when I come down here, it smells delicious!” 😒 Granted the potatoes didn’t cook all the way through and no one ate them (except for me and K – but I think he did it so he wouldn’t hurt my feelings), mixed reactions were given throughout. K didn’t like that the green beans were “sweet-tasting”. Caden didn’t like them at all. B liked the green beans and the chicken. Caden liked the chicken. Kelsey and I liked the chicken (although he slathered his in BBQ sauce). Keep in mind, this is a recipe that is apparently going around Facebook and is getting rave reviews. If you’re gonna make it, I suggest cooking your potatoes first at a higher temp, and then when they’re almost done, put the chicken and green beans in there and lower the temp on the oven. Listen to me trying to tell you guys how to cook. Smh. Like you wouldn’t know to do that to begin with. I think my family would’ve liked it better had the potatoes been done.
Okay, moving on. The next night, I made Double Decker tacos and Spanish rice. B looked at it all as if it were toxic waste and began walking away. I warned him that if he didn’t eat, I wouldn’t be making anything else for dinner. He didn’t seem to care. K decided not to have the tacos the “Double Decker” way (flour tortilla with Velveeta cheese sauce spread on it with a hard taco shell placed inside of that with all of the filling). Caden wasn’t sure if he’d like tacos, so I make him a soft one. He dumped half of it all over himself and the ground, then claimed that it “tasted like it had nothing but sour cream in it” (of which it had none). So he didn’t eat it. All of this upset me. I mean, it’s tacos. Who doesn’t like tacos?! I start recalling why I don’t make my family dinner. On Friday night, I decided to try a delicious crockpot recipe that Nancy gave me, and I had high hopes for it because she had told me her girls, ages 8 and 4, love it. I figured if they love it, my boys would at least like it. You put frozen chicken breast in the crockpot, then make a base of chicken broth, cream of mushroom, butter, cream cheese, and Italian dressing seasoning in a skillet until it’s melted. You pour that on the chicken, then let it cook all day on low. When you’re ready to serve, you make noodles (I used egg noodles because that’s what Nancy’s recipe called for), then either serve the chicken mixture on the noodles in a bowl or pour the noodles in the crockpot. I also made cornbread stuffing and green beans for good measure. I had to bribe B to try it. I made a sample bowl for B and Caden and they both seemed to like it. I made them full plates, and not even ten minutes in, B tells me that he “can’t do it”. He’ll eat the green beans, but that’s all. Caden tells me that none of it “goes well together”. And although I had told K to bring his appetite home that night, he didn’t listen. He ate Chinese for lunch and had heartburn, so he wanted none of it. So I ate every bit of mine. I even mixed it all together, which made it even more awesome to me. Hell, I saved the leftovers and ate it for lunch yesterday, and I swear, it was even better. Even though my kids didn’t like it, I will make that for myself and K (he never tried it, but he will normally eat everything I make) in the future.
So I’m at a loss. I’m going to keep cooking, but it’s all reminiscent of the time when I was a young wife/mom and no one would eat what I made! It’s frustrating!
So you moms out there – give me some recipes that you know are kid-approved. Please. I’m determined to make my kids eat more than chicken nuggets and hot dogs.



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3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

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