3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

Reminiscing About Coffee

Guess who just threw a butterscotch candy down on the ground to break it so she could throw it in her coffee? This girl.

It was so weird – it was like instinct took over. I saw the butterscotch and suddenly, memories flooded back to mornings in jail, when my friends and I would be bleary-eyed, making coffee for ourselves and each other using coffee crystals and the “hot pot” (a special faucet in the bathroom meant to be used for hot-water purposes only – you know for our cooking and coffee needs. I know what you all must be thinking – how appetizing it sounds to bring your coffee and/or food into the bathroom where people are handling their business – you get used to it). We would then take either a butterscotch or peppermint and throw it on the floor so they’d break before tossing it in our coffee for extra flavor. Our “creamer” was a bag of dried milk that we’d have to buy from commissary. Of course, we had sugar, also bought from commissary. When girls started running out of these coffee-making essentials, you’d think they’d run out of crack. If you were running low on milk or sugar, you hoarded it and lied to everyone that asked you for some. If one person found out that another person had these essentials, conversations would be held in a whisper like so:

“I hear so-and-so has sugar.”

“Really?? Well, you go ask her for some. She doesn’t like me as much as she likes you.”

“No, I asked her last time. I don’t want her to think I’m using her. Just offer her something.”

“Sigh…ok. What does she like?”

“I hear she likes Nutty Buddies.”

“Ugh…I only have two left!”

“Look, do you want to drink coffee or not?! Go!!”

And that’s how it went when we were low on coffee essentials. Well, when we were low on anything, really…that’s typically how the convos would go.

As I sit here with my good coffee and creamer (that I don’t have to share), I couldn’t help but reminisce about when I didn’t.

So I threw a little butterscotch in for my homies.



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3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

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