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No Smoking – Thanks to the E-Cig

I am ❤️loving❤️ this E-Cig. I smoked it all day today and have not smoked one cigarette – even with others smoking around me. I was interested in seeing what other E-Cigs were out there, so I visited a vapor shop that my friend Vickie (shout-out) suggested to me awhile ago called PVP. Their staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful about everything involving vaping. I told him that I was annoyed with the fact that I couldn’t lay my E-Cig down flat anywhere because the liquid would escape and get into my mouth, and he told me that it was obviously defective because it’s not supposed to do that. The gas station dude I bought it from told me that I needed to keep it upright at all times, which was incredibly inconvenient. Note to others: don’t buy specialty items like this from a gas station. 😒 Anyway, I ended up buying another E-Cig that was smaller and not as blingy and attention-seeking as my last one. It was pretty cheap, too. Only $20. Here’s a pic.
Anyway, I can honestly say that it has really helped me stop smoking. The last time I smoked was yesterday before I bought the first E-Cig. I’m really proud of myself – and now Kelsey wants to try one, too. I have realized for awhile now that smoking has been more of a psychological thing for me – it’s more of a routine. As long as I can fulfill the mouth fixation and see the smoke come out of the E-Cig, it apparently tricks my mind into thinking that I’m smoking. Now if I can just get Kelsey to feel the same, we will be on our way to quitting and saving so much money on those evil cigarettes. He goes to Atlanta for business tomorrow for a week, so I’m going to buy him one while he’s gone. A manly one, of course. 👨



2 comments on “No Smoking – Thanks to the E-Cig

  1. Jim
    August 19, 2014

    It”s really the nicotine in vapor that’s tricking you. Better than smoking cigs, but you’ll have to step off the nicotine eventually. That’s all my fatherly advice for the day. 😉

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3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

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