3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

My Baby is Officially a Freshman

I got to go with Brennan today to BHS (Birdville High School) to pick up his schedule and student ID. He also had to have his schedule changed so he could be in choir, which he plans on being in all four years of high school. He was also in choir all three years of middle school – yet I have never once heard him sing. He’s always been very self-conscious about it around me and his family, yet he’s okay singing in front of perfect strangers. πŸ˜’ Hopefully this year I will finally get to hear him sing. Maybe he’ll end up sounding like Brennan from “Stepbrothers”.

He also started football practice this past Tuesday, and he’s been going every morning at 7:30am. He is really dedicated. He told me today that he hopes that he doesn’t make the “A” team because he’s worried that he won’t get much playing time. I can see why he’d be worried – I saw several freshmen today when we went to the high school and was flabbergasted. Yes, I said “flabbergasted”. These kids are even taller than Brennan, and he is almost 5″8! One kid he spoke with was 6″2. I remember when I was a freshman; we all still looked like kids. I don’t remember looking like an actual teenager until my tenth grade year…I noticed this once I suddenly started garnering attention from the opposite sex.
Anyway, Brennan did not seem the least bit nervous – he actually led me and Caden around for the most part. This high school is ridiculously ginormous. There were booths everywhere, with t-shirts for sale for everything you could possibly think of. Some kid saw Brennan wearing his football practice uniform and yelled out, “Hey, man! You play football! You need football shirts!” So we went ahead and bought some. Now I can be the cool mom at games that actually looks like she knows what’s going on but secretly has no idea. I even stepped it up a notch and bought a blinged-out Hawks shirt so I could be extra noticeable. 😝 Any way to embarrass my son.

They asked us if we wanted a sign to place in our yard, but I didn’t think that would be the best idea considering we live in the HEB (Hurst-Euless-Bedford) school district. Everyone in our neighborhood are hardcore HEB fans, and I don’t exactly feel like waking up to a toilet papered/egged yard the morning after placing that sign up. Texas is serious about their high school football, and where I live, the local high school (L.D. Bell) is whom everyone roots for. Brennan had a difficult time determining which school he wanted to go to – in the HEB district, 9th grade is still considered middle school, so he would be going to Hurst Jr. High. However, he has been in the Birdville district since he was in elementary school, so he knows everyone and had established himself amongst his classmates. I also think he likes the idea of being in high school. It’s not going to be fun driving him to and from school every day (it’s a 10-15 minute drive), but I want him to be happy.
School begins on the 25th here for both boys, and they now have everything they need to start!

Mark (Brennan’s father) sent me yet another friend request on Facebook today. I declined it again. I spoke to his cousin today via text and found out that he is upset that half of his monthly disability check is being garnished from him. Oh well. The only person I feel sorry for is his daughter, Brennan’s 12-year old half-sister, but had Mark been doing what he was supposed to from the beginning, he wouldn’t have to worry about what is happening now. I don’t think I will have to worry about him fighting it after all, according to what his cousin had told me. He said that the only way he could attempt to do it was through a free attorney service of some kind. I’m not sure why he continues to try and send me friend requests – he can see the pictures I post on Facebook, so that should be good enough. It’s interesting to me that he suddenly cares enough to want to see pictures of him or even wonder how he’s doing when for the past fourteen years, he hasn’t cared whether he was dead or alive. How convenient of him to care now that he’s being forced to support him.

Okay, kids, I’m going to retire from my soapbox for the evening. I bid you all a good night, and until next time…make good choices. Peace. ✌️


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3 Men and a Little Crazy

Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

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